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Property owners pay monthly premiums in order to ensure they are protected in the event of an emergency or a natural disaster. However, insurance companies will find any reason to deny your property damage claim. This is unacceptable!

The Law Offices of Jerome Ramsaran have extensive experience in assisting policyholders obtain the proper compensation necessary to restore their property and get their lives back on track. Our offices have helped homeowners, business owners and renters in South Florida:


  • Demand and obtain insurance policy to identify the responsible party

  • Provide experts and consultants to furnish an accurate estimate

  • Assure all losses sustained are properly accounted for and paid

  • Fight aggressively to maximize insurance policy payouts

  • Take legal action if a claim is wrongly denied

It is standard practice for most insurance companies to make filing a claim a dreadful experience. This is usually a tactic to delay the process with the intent that property owners give up, allowing the insurance company to wrongfully pay for their damages.


Typical problems policyholders incur after filing a claim:

  • Denial of claim

  • Delay in payment of claims

  • Allegations that damages are pre-existing

  • Delay in assessing damages

  • Improper appraisal and insufficient settlement offers

Legal Aid

Contact our offices for help 

We can help! Don’t let these insurance companies take advantage. Allow our knowledgeable attorneys to analyze your claim at no cost. Insurance companies would much rather deal with a distressed homeowner, than a seasoned attorney.

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