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Foreclosure Defense

If you find yourself behind on your mortgage payments and think that foreclosure may be on the horizon, it is important that you get in touch with an experienced foreclosure defense attorney as soon as possible. It is possible to stop a foreclosure from happening if the proper steps are taken quickly. There are several viable defenses against foreclosure such as procedural defenses, substantive defenses, and filing bankruptcy.

Business Bankruptcy

There are times when a business encounters financial difficulty, including potential claims by lenders and other creditors. If you find yourself in a situation where your business doesn’t perform well and you’re forced to consider bankruptcy, it can be a frustrating and emotional time. However, the bankruptcy process can provide some light at the end of the tunnel. Bankruptcy is designed to help you wind down your business and mitigate the financial fallout. Ramsaran Law Group represents debtors in refinancing, debt restructuring, asset sales, workouts, and reorganizations under Chapter 11.

Vehicle Reaffirmation

If you have a car loan and you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must tell the court what you intend to do with the loan. You have three choices – redeem, reaffirm, or surrender. Reaffirming the debt on your car means that, despite your bankruptcy, you will keep the car continue to make payments, remaining fully responsible for the debt. In order to reaffirm your car loan, you must sign a reaffirmation agreement. This is a contract that lists the full balance that you are agreeing to reaffirm, as well as the interest rate and the monthly payment. The agreement will require you to attest to the court that reaffirming the debt will not present an undue hardship to you.

Stop Lawsuits

When a lawsuit to recover a debt is pending before a court, filing bankruptcy basically puts that case on hold until the bankruptcy is resolved. When you file for bankruptcy, notice of the bankruptcy petition will be sent to all your creditors, as well as the court in which you have any current suits pending. If the debt is successfully discharged in bankruptcy, the debt no longer exists, and a creditor would no longer be able to recover on it in court. However, if the debt is non-dischargeable, then the creditor may continue to pursue the claim after bankruptcy.  

Medical Bills

If you find yourself unable to negotiate a payment plan or reduced bill with your medical provider, or if you having difficulty getting your insurance company to cover your claims for benefits, contact Ramsaran Law Group for assistance. Our office can negotiate a settlement for medical debt, guide you in the right direction for resolving your unpaid medical debt, and present all available options to you such as payment plans, settlements, and even bankruptcy proceedings.

Tax Debts

IRS income tax debts may be able to be discharged through bankruptcy if the tax debts meet certain qualifications. In cases where the income tax debt is the major contributor to the financial difficulties, there are various tax relief options to consider.

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